Sharps - Atlantic


Golden & Fruity


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The Beer in brief: Atlantic is a modern pale ale that captures the essence of Sharp's home on the rugged north coast of Cornwall. It is brewed with Sharp's trademark precision to give complexity, subtlety and a cleanness of palate while showcasing the fresh citrus flavours of New World hops. All in, a beautifully refreshing pale ale. Deep golden in Colour, Atlantic has a vibrant fruity aroma redolent of lime zest to mango. The flavour is harmonious balance of barley sugar and grapefruit with a refreshingly crisp citrus linger. Malt: Pale Ale and Low Colour Caramalt Hops: Cascade, Aurora, Citra, Simcoe Aroma: Citrus and tropical fruits, fresh hops and candyfloss Flavour: Delicate sweetness with a fruity succulence and citrus spice to the fore Finish: Clean with a hoppy linger Food pairing: Works brilliantly with grilled meats or mild cheese. Excellent as an aperitif.